In Development

Buford Flatso

The tale of a teenage woodpecker with a flat beak, who becomes a reluctant hero in Piney Forest, USA, amidst the Annual Early Bird Contest.

Animated Feature

Oubliette, Texas

Our heroine, Hannah McDade, wakes up in a world that resembles her childhood hometown, but turns out to be somewhere unimaginable.

Series, One Hour Drama

Deconstructing a Debutante

A young woman reflects on the life of her mother. She tries to make sense of the stories she heard in childhood at the end her mother's tormented life.


Sullen Eyes

Based on the lyrics of the song, You With the Sullen Eyes, written by Jesse Madera. A love story.


Garbage Storm

Cooper wakes up to a wind storm that creates a mountain of garbage in the middle of her town. She must rescue her little sister from the top of the heap and teach the town a valuable lesson in recycling.

Animated Feature

The Texas Berry Farm

Three Children grow up on a magical blueberry farm in Southeast Texas.

Children's Book Series, Grades 4-6

Danny and Sal: Dog Catchers Extraordinaire

Danny and Sal are New York City dog catchers who never seem to be on the case of a lost dog.
Episodes Include:                                                                                 Park Avenue Parrot, Lexington Lamas, A Hippo on Hudson, Wombats in Washington Square Park

Animated Series

The Patron Saint of Coffee

Based on recorded phone conversations. A look at the intimacy of morning conversations.

A Play in One Act.

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